Band Biography

Piers and Eddie

Piers and Eddie

Mountain of Love was formed when Piers and Eddie, 2 out the 3 founder members of Alabama 3, writers of the Sopranos theme tune, Woke Up This Morning, left to do what they did best which was making serious groove based dance music.

Their sound is a heavy, dubbed up, joyous mix of psychedelic electronic funk, old school techno, and the blues with some swampy deep soul thrown into the mix.


Piers Marsh


After many years of trying and failing to be a top guitarist Piers bought his first Roland MC202 in 1986 followed soon after by a Roland TR808, when they were desperately untrendy. It was only after hearing his first acid house tune that he realised how these toys could be used to full advantage. His [...]

Eddie Real


Apart from from his time in Alabama 3, where he was one of the founder members, Eddie has collaborated with several other bands and musicians. Playing percussion with Test Department, he contributed to the album “Totality“, as well as playing many gigs with them across the UK and Europe. He sat behind the drum kit [...]

Mountain of Love Guest Vocalists

Guest Vocalists

Brother Culture Ever the prolific artist Brother Culture has extensively toured the world and notched up an impressive discography. He has collaborated with artists such as Adrian Sherwood, Youth, The Manasseh Sound System, The Prodigy and Mark Stewart. With a history of MC’ing dating back to the 1980′s Brother Culture continues to be one of [...]