Piers Marsh

Piers Marsh

After many years of trying and failing to be a top guitarist Piers bought his first Roland MC202 in 1986 followed soon after by a Roland TR808, when they were desperately untrendy. It was only after hearing his first acid house tune that he realised how these toys could be used to full advantage.

His first electronica band was called the Whores of Babylon, who lasted two years and and only played two gigs, but it was during this time he developed his sound by mixing elements of acid house, dub reggae and blues.

After the demise of the Whores of Babylon, he founded Alabama 3 with ex-university friend Rob Spragg – later to be known as Larry Love on vocals, and Simon “The Dude” Edwards – later to be known as Sir Eddie Real on percussion.

By 2009, the technology had advanced to such a point that he realised he could now do what he’d always wanted to do and could start jamming and dubbing his tunes live, and Mountain of Love was conceived.