Gobo Photography Glasgow Review

“Mountain of Love”, Two Ex Alabama 3 members who have branched off and created a trio magnificently conjuring up an unstoppable electronic groove combined with live drums.

“Mountain of Love” Brings to the table an interesting project which combines an array of technical mixing gear with sampled voice reverb, live drums and an extremely deep dub bass sound that could be compared to a cross over of “Moby’s” “Play” Album in comparison specifically to its Gospel Sampling, and early Alabama 3 music.

Described as “DubTronica” the well crafted sound was formed by two of the original three members of Alabama 3, Piers Marsh and Sir Eddie Real in Brixton London with the band’s eponymous first album being released in 2013 on the “Cooked Griffin Records” label.

Introducing the element of live drums rounds off the project to be a full-band effort offering us a plethora of fantastic guest vocalists to unite and unify their sound.

With their live performance they took us on a musical journey with their evolving vibration, I felt the music created a strong visual element within the mind so having an array of projected images would enhance the potency of their musical voyage, non the less, there wasn’t a body standing still in the house while they played out their set. I found myself admiring “Sir Eddie Reals” drumming skills as he drummed consistently “drum N’ bass” rhythms throughout the whole set effortlessly. The man can drum, his timing was precision!! Massive respect and love to the Mountain of love trio for playing such a fine body shaking set here in Glasgow, we hope you guys can make it back soon!

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